B4BSTATS is a community tool centered around Back 4 Blood game, if you want to participate by translating into new languages, or giving feedback about it, please do !

Feedback or issue ?
You can open issue or request feature on GitHub, contact me at hello@mazz.lol or ping me on discord Discord @mazz#0385.


Huge thanks to contributors that participated to this project !

discord LazyFox for Russian translations. Doc Heart

discord Ken for Chinese traditional (Taiwan) translations. Doc Heart

discord AikiPhoenix for Japanese translations. Doc Heart

discord Buttscratcher90 for Spanish translations. Doc Heart

discord Hermano Juroso for Dutch translations. Doc Heart

discord domme_xo for German translations. Doc Heart

discord Hezu for riddens illustrations. Doc Heart

discord G4B3 for weapons statistics icons. Doc Heart

discord Kaemanden for weapons & riddens data. Doc Heart

discord B4B Discord for feedback and contributions. Doc Heart

discord Back4Stats Discord for feedback and contributions. Doc Heart

디시인사이드 백4블러드 갤러리 for Korean translations. Doc Heart

reddit Keithustus for feedback and contributions. Doc Heart

reddit B4B Reddit for feedback and contributions. Doc Heart


How do I unlock ZWAT skin ?

To unlock ZWAT skin for a cleaner, you need to complete every mission of every act in Nightmare difficulty or No Hope difficulty with that cleaner.

I can not find statistics file with Xbox Game Pass, help !

Xbox Game Pass stores your files differently than Steam or Epic Games Store, please go to the mentioned folder:
<disk>:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Packages\WarnerBros.Interactive.<some key>\SystemAppData\wgs\
You'll see a first sub folder with a special name (something like 00901F5LDP...), open it.
Then you'll find more subfolders with special names, each contain 2 files, try the file with the special name (not the container one)
Usually, the most recent modified file is the one that contain your statistics, you can sort your files by date and try them until it works.

Support for consoles ?

At the moment, there's no way to extract statistics file from consoles, so no support for consoles players sadly...
If you found a way to extract your statistics from console, please get in touch with me to update instructions.

How it works ?

The application is made entirely with JavaScript, it means all processing of your statistics is done within your browser, there's no server involved.
Your statistics file is being parsed then all data remain temporarily in your browser to be displayed, that's why you need to drag and drop file every time you refresh page.
Application source code is available on GitHub under MIT License. You're welcome to contribute to it or use it as you wish !